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How to make Pajama Pants

Are you a first time sewer or a school kid about to start your first sewing project?

Then this tutorial is for you!

Pajama pants are the perfect place to start where you can learn the basics you need to then go on to create amazing garments.

We have a huge range of craft cottons that are perfect for this project in bright patterns and they are 100% Cotton so easy to sew.

You can either use an old pair of pajama pants as your pattern or come in store and select a pattern from our range of pattern books.

Here is an easy to follow tutorial of how to make Pajama Pants without a pattern,

Go to our pinterest page for more pajama pant tutorials.

Easy How to sew pajama Pant without a pattern
To sew pajama pants without the hassle of a pattern, just grab a pair that you already have.
I folded them in half, laying the fold of the pants on the fold of the fabric.
Cut out the pants, making sure to leave at least 1/2″ for seam allowances.
Add inches in areas that you are trying the increase the size in. If the pants are already the correct size, just add the 1/2″ for the seams.
You will need around 3″ on the top for the elastic casing.
 You will need to cut two sections like this. One for each leg.
Fold them inside out and sew along outer leg edge (from the bottom, to where the crotch begins to curve). Trim close to seams.
Turn one leg right side out and stuff it inside the other leg. Right sides of fabric will be facing each other.  Make sure that the long seam that you just sewed on each leg matches the other. Pin in the center to keep it in place.
DIY Pajama Pants
Sew the crotch seam. Begin at the waist, sew along and end at the top again.
Sew once more close to the seam line to reinforce since this area will get a lot of wear.
 Turn pants right side out. Almost done!
 I used 3/4″ elastic.  I folded down the waist 1/4″ inch and pressed it. Then I folded it another 1 1/4 inch and sewed the casing all the way around with a 1/4″ seam, also leaving a 2″ gap to insert the elastic into later.
Insert your elastic using a safety pin to help guide it through the waist band. The elastic should be the same size as your child’s waist + 1″.
Sew ends together. Stretch the waist, pulling the elastic back into the opening. And sew the gap closed.
DIY Pajama Pants

 Fold up hem and press, then fold up one more time and press. This one is about 1/2″. Sew around on both legs. Flannel is so easy to work with. You don’t need pins since it pretty much just sticks together.
IMG_2513 (2)
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