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How To Use Interfacing

Interfacing is one of the things that can transform your fabric and make the difference between a home-made and a fabulous fashion accessory. It’s also something that people find intimidating. A few hiccups and people think it’s too hard. Its not to hard .Once you see the effects of quality interfacing applied properly, you’ll be […]

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Machine Needles

At Moreland Fabrics we stock a¬†wide range of sewing machine needles. Here is a description of all the different needles that are available and what fabrics to use them on. UNIVERSAL NEEDLES General purpose needles. They have a slightly rounded tip. To be used on woven fabrics for example cotton, polyesters, linen, wool and fleeces […]

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How to make Pajama Pants

Are you a first time sewer or a school kid about to start your first sewing project? Then this tutorial is for you! Pajama pants are the perfect place to start where you can learn the basics you need to then go on to create amazing garments. We have a huge range of craft cottons […]

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